How It Works


We start with an in person (or telephone if you are out of state) meeting with our senior client(s) and family members to gather information. To find the appropriate senior housing recommendations for you, we must understand your medical, financial, and geographical needs plus learn your personal preferences and interests. Our goal during this step is to set you for a successful transition. We want to make sure you will be comfortable, welcomed, and cared for in your new home.


After we meet with you and/or your family, it’s time for you to relax and take care of each other while you start identifying appropriate communities. We start with our large database of area senior housing, which includes the license history, complaint and compliance records on each community. Our goal during this step is to determine which senior living housing options can best meet your needs and expectations.


Next, we will schedule and coordinate on-site community visits for you. We will accompany you while you to our communities. We’ll help take notes, share our observations, explain options, and assist in the decision- making process. Our goal during this step is to help you choose the appropriate senior living housing options and we genuinely want you to be happy with your decision.

Follow Up

Once you have decided on a new home, we will help you find other services you require such as real estate agents, elder law attorneys, and other senior resources. After your move, we will visit periodically to make sure you are comfortable and receiving the care you need. Our goal during this step is to continue to service you and your family, assisting with any concerns or questions that arise.

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